Education & Training

There is a relatively large interest in courses and training activities on how to use the RAMP tool. We have knowledge of that courses/training programs have been carried out by some organisations, e.g. a course at University of Gävle, Sweden, also including a section on how to use the RAMP tool. We have no list of such activities, but are aware of the need.

In order to meet this need, a series of three Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) about the RAMP tool are under development. These will be available on via KTH.

The release date fo the first course is set to the 4th of April 2018. More courses are planned to be released during 2018. The aim is to provide intended users with adequate knowledge and training on how to use and implement the RAMP tool. It will be free of charge to follow the courses. In addition, there will be possibilities to acquire professional certificates on the RAMP tool use.

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