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RAMP - Risk management Assessment tool for Manual handling Proactively


About the RAMP MOOCs

We are still working on finding a way to provide the RAMP MOOCs on a new platform. In this work, we have run into several unexpected difficulties. Therefore, we cannot at this point state a starting date for the courses and we are really sorry for this. Thank you for your patience. We are sincerely trying to find a sustainable and high quality solution. Please check back for an update in the beginning of June.


RAMP is a tool to support the assessment and management of Musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) risks in manual handling jobs. It is research based and has been developed in Sweden, in close co-operation between researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and practitioners at companies in a project financed mainly by AFA Insurance and the participating companies.

RAMP consists of four modules:

  • The checklist-based RAMP I for screening of MSD risks
  • RAMP II which enables a more in depth analysis
  • The Results module for presenting, visualising and communicating the results
  • The Action module, supporting the development of risk reducing measures and systematic risk management

A digitalized version of the RAMP tool is available for download free of charge from this homepage. The different programs and their contents are described below.

Note! Excel 2010 or newer versions of Excel is needed for using the RAMP tool.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Linda Rose.

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